In addition

Trading bonus

Equivalent to: 25 EUR, 20 GBP, 25 CHF,
3000 JPY, 30 AUD, 100 PLN, 7000 HUF,
40 SGD, 347 ZAR, 1000 THB

  • No deposit required
  • Automatically credited to your account
  • Non-withdrawable bonus
  • All profits earned can be withdrawn
  • Available to new clients
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In addition

Deposit Bonus up to $2,000

or currency equivalent

  • Non-withdrawable bonus
  • Instant credit on your deposit
  • Applied to deposits from just $5
  • Available for MT4 and MT5 accounts
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Social Competitions


Win big cash prizes by competing with a Demo or Real account:

  • No entry fee to join
  • See how you rank among other traders
  • Open to all traders, no matter your experience
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In addition


Are you a proud XM client?

Why not spread the word about XM?

Invite your friends to start trading with us and earn up to $150* for each person you refer.

  • Earn more as you refer more friends
  • Share your referral link or invite by email
  • All earnings can be withdrawn

* T&Cs apply.

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In addition

XM Loyalty Program

With so many rewards and incentives already, you might think that XM could not be any more generous, but you would be wrong. In addition to all other bonuses and rewards, a few times a year XM will offer special seasonal bonuses marking certain calendar events and occasions that will be available for very limited periods of time. In addition to this we will also offer highly exclusive bonuses that will be made available on an invitation only basis.

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Make the most of your trades

  • Eliminate downtime
  • Ideal for EAs
  • Increase the speed of your trades
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Online 24/7
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In addition


We've got the transfer fees covered

  • All e-wallets 100% covered
  • All major credit cards 100% covered
  • Wire transfers above 200 USD covered
  • Instant account funding
  • No hidden fees or commissions
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